Research from - participant access provides specialised market research, market intelligence, consultancy and technology services to help businesses identify customer needs and preferences. This site hosts research and surveys we are carrying out to try to better understand customer needs for us and our clients.

If you are taking part in a telephone interview, and have just been asked to log-in by your interviewer to follow the survey on-screen, please go to or to follow your personal phone survey live online.

Why take part in market research?

For businesses to know where to invest money to better meet customer needs, they need to know what buyers want and value most, be it product features, service, advertising preferences, pricing or routes to purchase. We provide research and intelligence to develop compelling business ideas based on what customers value.

Conjoint analysis

Our surveys often include conjoint or trade-off analysis. In conjoint analysis we show you different options and ask you to say which you would choose. There are usually several of these 'choice tasks' that are similar, but with options that vary. By understanding what choices you might make we can estimate the relative importance of different features for you, particularly where decision-making is not so easy to articulate, or choices require balancing out competing options.

A bit of fun - online games

This site also hosts some free-to-play games (no sign-up required). Wordinate, our 7-letter find-the-word game for people who would like a change from Wordle.

And our online 4-player version of Dog, (Dog-speil in German, or 'The Game of Dog') - a team-based board game played with cards. DOG is very popular in Switzerland and Germany and our version allows the game to be played remotely, over the Internet. Instructions of how to set up a game, and how to play can be found on the link.

How to contact us

If you have any queries we can be contaced by phone at +44(0)207 193 6640, or email, or use our contact form on our main website.

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